What Makes Corpus Christi Such A Great Place to Live?

Many love Corpus Christi for its beaches and some for the beautiful weather. Others love it for the art and lovely culture of South Texas. Many because the ‘sparkling city by the sea’ is so affordable. Everyone has one reason or another but the bigger truth is that there’s something for everyone here in the Coastal Bend. Corpus is nicely tucked away in Southern Texas where it’s home to about 450,000 people. The city is large enough to give you plenty of options and still small enough so you can explore every corner. US News called it the Florida of Texas sans the price tag and CNBC ranked it high among the best cities in the US for millennials. It’s just surprising how the city seems to offer so much for so much less and that partly explains the influx we’ve seen in recent years.

Cost of Living

The Corpus Christi economy is relatively healthy and continues to grow. Homeowners, as well as renters, will find this to be very affordable compared to most of the other metro areas of the similar size. The Lone Star State does not impose income tax although sales and property taxes are a little bit higher than the national average. Regardless, the cost of living in Corpus Christi is still about 12 percent lower than the national average.

The Weather

The warm and sunny weather dominates the most part of the year so you have enough time to enjoy all of the attractions in the Gulf Coast. Winters here are cool enough for scarves and light jackets and you’ll be able to go out and play on most days. It rarely snows here so you won’t ever get stuck inside or need to shovel your sidewalk. Average temperatures and humidity in the summer may be a little high but then the Gulf breeze will be there to keep things bearable, much better than in most other Texan cities.

Things to do in Corpus Christi

You’ll find Corpus Christi very interesting especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Those who love coastal living will like the beaches as well. You can always go fishing, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and just about anything you want on the waters. Family times can also be enjoyed at Hurricane Alley or Schlitterbahn, two of Corpus Christi’s most beautiful water parks.

The Texas State Aquarium is also there if you like getting up close to Sharks. Art and culture enthusiasts will like other places such as the Texas Surf Museum, the USS Lexington, the Britton-Evans House, the Art Museum of South Texas, the Harbor Playhouse theater, Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra, as well as the annual Texas Jazz Fest, among other places and events.

Corpus Christi is home to many families, retirees, and working professionals, among others. The average age here is about 35 years and the friendly and welcoming people are one of the best things about the city. The presence of the Texas A&M University’s campus, as well as the aviation program of the Naval Air Station, explains why the city also draws a younger demographic. While you’ll love the whole of Corpus for its incredible affordability and the laid back lifestyle, places such as the Bay Area and South Side neighborhoods are the best.

Moving to Corpus?

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