Corpus Christi has that Texan charm that often lures people in and yet there’s so much more to this Coastal Bend. There are many reasons why families decide to join this community one of which happens to be the healthy Corpus Christi economy.

It should come as no surprise that CNBC rated Corpus as one of the best cities in the US for millennials. The cost of living here is quite affordable, about 12 percent lower than the national average. These and other factors have made the Corpus Christi real estate market one of the hottest across the country, attracting both local and foreign buyers.

Real Estate Market Trends

Coldwell Banker currently puts the median home price in Corpus at about $265,000. Homes in the city have appreciated significantly more than in other US markets. While recent appreciation rates have been modest, Corpus has seen a 13.8% appreciation over a three-year consecutive period. This, coupled with the growing economy has made Corpus Christi neighborhoods a dream for many. Those considering a real estate investment in Corpus Christi will be interested to know that the Bay Area and South Side neighborhoods have especially low crime rates and are considered two of the best areas to live in.

Whether you’re in the market for a residential apartment or simply want to take advantage of the rental opportunity, Corpus Christi offers a lot of options. You can either choose to snap up an existing property or better still, build your own place from scratch. Whatever route you choose to go, there are both pros and cons in each case. Should you buy or build your own Corpus Christi home? Let’s check out the differences.

Buying or Building a New Home

While many will limit their property plans to existing homes in the Corpus Christi real estate market, some prefer to build their own. Building a house from the ground up may seem complex and stressful. Some others prefer the freedom of choice that comes with designing and building their own place to reflect their style to greatest degree. Building a new house offers the rare opportunity to customize every square foot to suit your taste and personality. You also get to start as the first residents in your fresh new home. This also means you’ll not have much to worry as far as maintenance expenses are concerned.

But then, it’s always a matter of choice. New homes are usually built to meet current standards and usually feature the latest technologies. They can be equipped with newer and more modern energy-efficient appliances which in the long run will save you some money. You should, understand that while an existing new or used home may be already available, it will take you a few months to build your own custom home. However, that choice comes with more freedom and the opportunity to make the designs and everything suit your personal taste.

New homes construction in Corpus Christi

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